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Our People Define Us

State-of-the-art chemistry is our strength, but it’s our people who are the pillars that infuse us with that strength. Every day, we rise to the challenges of developing advanced solutions to deliver value to our customers. It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we generate long-term value for our clients and contribute to the betterment of our world.
Manish Shah


In less than a decade, OC has emerged as a key player in the market and has evolved into a speciality chemical manufacturing company. All of this has been nothing short of a dream come true.

I believe our shared love for developing inventive chemistries and respecting our core values have been at the nucleus of our brisk growth. And the fact that we have achieved it all while being extremely conscious of our environment and surroundings makes me truly proud of our efforts. In our endeavour to redefine chemistry, we have made giant leaps and we’re ready to take on bigger challenges. It has been an honour to be a part of this entire journey as the founder and Managing Director of OC. I am proud of the way we have grown and I am extremely excited for things to come.

Manish Shah

Managing Director

Our Vision To exceed customer expectations in delivering cost efficient and environment friendly products by applying innovative chemistry enabling us to live up to our motto.

What we want to achieve?

To become the preferred global supply chain partner of the leading crop science and life science industries by manufacturing specialty and advance chemical intermediates, developed using our in-house research and process optimization capabilities, ensuring economically and ecologically sustainable solutions for our customers.

Our Core Values


Touching Lives through our Values

SPARSH is the way of life at OC Specialities. Each and every individual upholds these core values to shape a culture that enables everyone to grow.


To synergise efforts and accomplish more than our individual capabilities by bringing together teams that work in perfect harmony.


To excel through quality and gratify our clients by solving and evolving chemistry every day; not because we have to, but because we love to.


To embrace every change by calibrating to the necessities of a rapidly evolving and advancing world, and lead the path in an ever-challenging industry.


To ensure holistic well-being of everyone around us by being accountable, and taking ownership for one’s decisions, actions, and behaviour.


To be actively conscious of every individual and team actions that lead to longevity of business and sustainability of mother earth.


To practise our ethics and principles at every step to personify a keen sense of integrity in all our dealings, keeping our heads high and feet grounded.

Meet Our Leadership Team

With a combined experience of more than 100+ years in the chemical industry, our leadership team is dedicated to solve every critical challenge.


team-1 team-1
Mr. Manish Shah

Managing Director

The Founder, a visionary entrepreneur and a business strategist with almost three decades of experience, who never shies away from giving back to the community.

Mr. Nitin Kulkarni
Mr. Nitin Kulkarni

Mr. Nitin Kulkarni

Executive Director

With a Master’s in Organic Chemistry and 28+ years of experience in leading businesses & product development, he ensures OC’s operational excellence.

Mr. Pushpak Shah
Mr. Pushpak Shah

Mr. Pushpak Shah


Co-founder, excelling in customer relationship with two decades of experience in business management and marketing.


Mr. Vikas Shah


Co-founder, with a Masters in Information Technology and two decades of experience in handling New Business Development, Projects & Supply Chain Management.

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